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A Computer Controlled, Hydraulic Lifting System that provides the highest degree of safety to personnel and property associated with large-scale engineering / maintenance projects. Precise control of up to 320 individual lifting points is available.

Lift Monitoring and Data Storage

Full pressure and displacement data presentation are available on screen to monitor the lift in real time. Lift data are stored and able to be downloaded in a format suitable for importing into Excel for further analysis and record keeping. This gives a permanent record of the displacement and load on every cylinder at defined time intervals.

Variable Flow Control

Variable frequency drive motor gives a wider pump flow range. This is controlled by a joy stick controller that governs flow and directional control of the hydraulic cylinders.

Control Valves

High cycle, high speed solenoid valves allow precise flow control. All valves are leak free and have a 100% duty cycle.

Pressure Transducers

Monitor load conditions at each lift point for maximum safety. Optional load cells are available for high precision weighing operations.

Stroke Transducers

High precision 40 pulses per mm linear transducers combined with high speed counter cards achieve precise positional control. Various stroke transducers are available including internal cylinder design. Optional tilt meters are also available.

Touch Screen

15 inch full colour touch screen withstands harsh environments. The glass is toughened making it both scratch and cut resistant.