PAT-Series Air Torque Wrench Power Units

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The PAT–Series Torque Wrench Power Units are perfectly designed for operating the TW and LPC–Series Hydraulic Torque Wrenches. They have a three stage pump for faster operation under load and incorporate a hydraulic oil cooler providing cool operation under continuous use.

6M Remote Pendant

A 6 metre remote hand pendant incorporates motor ON/OFF button and

Multiple Tool Outlets

One or two tools can be operated at one time due to the multi outlet pump block.

Roll Cage

The roll cage allows portability
and provides protection.

1.1 kW Power

Features a 1.1 kW Ingersoll Rand® air motor.

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

The liquid filled pressure gauge has 1% accuracy and can be recalibrated. The scale is mpa/psi.

Oil Cooler

Oil is continuously cooled during operation.