Metal thermal spray services

We have been working in the field of HVOF & ARC coating to restore worn out parts and also working to develop wear resistance coating applications.

We are pleased to introduce our economical, robust, lightweight and excellent quality services. Our powder spray system melts metallizing powder by heat generated through combustion of fuel gas and oxygen. The metallizing powder is fed at a regulated rate of speed to a flame-spraying torch that may be hand-held or motion-controlled. A continuous flow of compressed air surrounds the flame, atomizes the molten metal and disperses it over the surface of the object to be coated. The spraying torch may be guided by hand for spraying large or intricate pieces; for production work the torch may be mounted to programmable equipment, such as an x-y manipulator or robotic arm. The HVOF Powder torch combines a patented gas valve with unique flame pattern that results in greatest efficiency for depositing high-density coatings.

The HVOF Powder spray system applies powder sprayed coatings to almost any grit-blasted surface, whether metal, wood or plastics.