LPC-Series Low Profile Hexagon

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The LPC-Series Low Profile Hydraulic Hexagon Wrenches are an essential tool for limited clearance applications. These versatile torque wrenches support an extensive range of interchangeable hexagon ratchet cassettes that deliver a torque range of 232 to 44,593 Newton Metres (172 to 32,999 ft/lbs).

High Strength

High strength titanium aluminium
alloy body.

360° Swivel Couplers

360° swivel couplers with screw couplings.

Laser Engraved

Laser engraved hexagon ratchet cassettes show model number, serial number and maximum capacity.


Accuracy within + / - 3%.

Reducer Inserts

Reducer inserts are available in metric and imperial sizes.

Extended Reaction Arm

Durapac also offer extension reaction arms and low point reaction paddles to
suit the LPC2-LPC14 low profile hydraulic hexagon wrenches.