Linear milling services

We can provide linear milling services. Using a portable three axis milling machine is designed for precision milling of critical mounting surfaces. Capable of a variety of on-site machining for large areas where dismantling is not practical. Our mill can be welded, clamped, or bolted directly onto the work piece in any direction. This portable milling machine is ideal for levelling the bases of new installations of pumps, bearing pedstals, blower mounts and other equipment bases.

Machine specification:


Manufacturer: York Portable Machine / Canada

  • X - Travel 72 inches
  • Y - Travel from center 27 inches
  • Z - Travel 9 inches
  • Power feed rate 0 - 8 inches/min
  • Power supply - 5Hp manual or 10 Hp remote

Spindle position is height adjustable.

Spindle orientation is adjustable to 0, 90 and 180 degrees.

Y-Axis arm can be positioned to either sie of machine.

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