Being one of the solutions used for quality management of the company’s products and services, ISO 9001:2008 has been applied in MinhAnh Company since March 2014 and certified by DNV since January 2015. Applying and maintaining ISO 9001:2008, MinhAnh Company would like to head for the following detailed goals:

Orientation and management of products and services’ quality. This is a system to help the enterprise steadily meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations for the products and services’ quality. The quality management system comprises of making up quality policy, structuring the quality system, obligations and procedure. It also includes examining the performance of these procedures and focusing on continual system improvement.

The system allows controlling the products and services’ quality, guaranteeing the manufacturing schedule to operate in a unifying manner, defining necessary overcoming actions.

Establishing and performing quality standards, procedures to meet the requirements and necessary actions in order to ensure the unification.

The quality management system is a tool to improve the products and services’ quality as well as the relationship among suppliers, customers and  end-users.