Operation training of Valve grinding machine

From November 14 to 17, 2015, at RentATool Center, we organize the course of instructing how to operate valve lapping machines to serve for maintenance of industrial types of valves. Attendances comprise of engineers and technicians of RentATool. Expert from Larslap/ Sweden is invited to instruct this course. Larslap, majoring in manufacturing and supplying valve lapping machines, is among the partners who supply Minh Anh company’s traditional equipment.

The objective of Minh Anh Company is to establish and supply service of full package of repairing and maintenance of industrial types of valves. RentaATool Center, the company’s subsidiary, is directly assigned to take charge of this job. In addition to investing into modern equipment network, RentATool clearly defines their role in building skillful staff which is the base for success. That is why RentATool continually organizes courses to train their skills for RentATool center’s technicians.

At the course, the technicians could have a clear view about the operation concept of all types of valves. They could also have a chance to practice directly on some certain machines. At the end of the course, all the attendances completed the test and are granted with certificates from Larslap.


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